I'm just getting started. Look out, world.

You can find out more about my publications by visiting my ORCID.


Some questions I'm currently exploring:

  • How has online access to information in libraries changed in the last ten years?

  • What impacts have affected different user groups, including unaffiliated users?

  • Which journals are librarians reading/publishing in for their professional development?

  • How is librarian work evolving/changing with the demands of technology?

  • What communications methods employed by libraries about collections cancellations seem to lead to more successful transition and change?


I am a regular contributor to Brain-Work, the C-EBLIP Blog.  You can find all of my posts there:

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I try to post my conference presentations online in a repository, either our institutional one, or on slideshare. If you have any questions, please get in touch.

Ontario Library Association Super Conference, January 2018: Communicating Cancellations to Campus: Strategies Across Canada (with DeDe Dawson & Charlene Sorensen, University of Saskatchewan)

Electronic Resources & Libraries, April 4, 2017: A Tale of Two Libraries: Kanban, workflows, and you (with Robin Canham, Saskatchewan Polytechnic)

C-EBLIP Symposium: Librarians as Researchers, October 12, 2016: The Elephant in the Room: Imposter Syndrome and Librarian Researchers

Saskatchewan Libraries Conference, May 7, 2016: Find Out What Your Users are Thinking (with Shannon Lucky, University of Saskatchewan)

Saskatchewan Libraries Conference, May 7, 2016: E-Resource Trends in Saskatchewan Post-Secondary Libraries (with Robin Canham, Saskatchewan Polytechnic and Barbara Nelke, University of Regina)

Saskatchewan Libraries Conference, May 6, 2016: Building Relationships with Vendors Through Effective Negotiation (invited lecture, SHLA AGM)

CAPAL-ACBAP 16, May 29, 2016: Collections in Library Space (with Elizabeth Stregger, University of Saskatchewan)